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As consumers we demand and expect more. We all want to be individual and enjoy our own style, and have founded Viviana London on these principles.

Our goal is to deliver disruptive innovation that exceeds consumer expectation. We partner with cutting edge brands and designers to redefine the consumer need of a market, whilst sourcing the highest quality ingredients and working with the most inspiring perfumers.

Meet The Team

We believe a fragrance can be a consumer dream in a bottle. Come dream with us at Viviana London.

Mike Edwards

Mike's career spans 36 years, working for the likes of Max Factor, Revlon, Rimmel, Coty and Unilever, before founding his own fragrance licensing company. His work to date includes 'Our Moment' by One Direction, which was the largest selling fragrance of 2016 worldwide. Mike enjoys travelling, fine dining, and motorcycling, but his main passion is his family.

Luc Malfait

Luc is on our advisory board and further is the managing director of Keva Europe. His specialty is perfume creation, having spent his whole career working with perfumers to create one-of-a-kind scents. He is French, lives in Milan and loves to spend time in Grasse, historic capital of fine fragrance. Luc loves getting lost in the country side there, admiring the landscapes and flowers blooming.

Simon Moorehead

Simon began his career within the finance sector, working as a chartered accountant for blue chip companies. For the last decade he has directed his skills to the beauty industry, and now has one of the most enviable little black books around. When not working you can find Simon enjoying football and promoting the Manchester Civic Society charity.

Nora Fournier

Nora joined Viviana early 2019 as our marketing lead. Prior to this, she spent eight years at global fragrance leader, Coty, where she led global marketing initiatives across the US and Europe. Having lived in Paris, New York and London, she loves travelling almost as much as launching a new perfume or buying something new and shiny.

Abigail Kitson

Abigail is passionate about all things beauty, and started her career in fragrance brand management. Her experience has encompassed launching new brands, developing media campaigns, brand strategy, and in depth retail marketing initiatives. Abigail is obsessed with understanding the customer mindset and their path to purchase, and regularly uses this to justify her love of shopping.

Harrison Edwards

Harrison is a creative engineer, eager to be immersed in the worlds of art and beauty. He Joined Viviana London as an intern in 2018 and is the team's official Digital artist. By day you'll find him working with Adobe Photoshop and 3D software, by night tinkering with craft beers and the art of brewing.

Bharat Chimes

Bharat joined Viviana bringing a wealth of international experience in the flavours and fragrance industry. He is a supervisory board member, handling all strategic and financial matters on behalf of Viviana.


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